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On this page you’ll learn more about our health clinic and how we aim to understand, diagnose and treat your health complaint.

About Therapy Works

Northern Beaches Health Clinic

Our goal at Therapy Works is to improve your health, wellness and quality of life by understanding, diagnosing and treating your health complaint. We achieve this by providing a personal treatment plan that addresses your individual health issues.

Our team of functional medicine doctors and practitioners are ready to help you!

Our Mission

To address your mental, emotional and physical issues using integrated natural therapies.

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re a health clinic with a solid blend of evidenced based clinical therapies that collaborate effectively to provide you with the best outcomes possible.
  • Our practitioners offer you extensive experience
  • We’ve helped over 50,000+ clients in the past 30 years
  • Our experience translates to efficient, effective diagnosis and a thorough, well considered treatment plan.

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Our Philosophy

We approach the idea of personalised functional medicine one person at a time. This is how we’ve always done it. We’ve chipped away at the population and empirically (meaning across time and with results) proven ourselves. We’ve created change for patients. They tell us about their progress, throughout treatment regimens, that they are undeniably healthier, relieved of their suffering and genuinely experiencing positive change. Therapy Works would not still be here unless that was our goal and greatest reward – positive patient outcomes.

We’re the barefoot doctors of the modern age.

Professional, Trusted, Experienced

Our supportive environment provides a highly qualified and dedicated team of professional practitioners. Your optimum care may include one or more of our practitioner services, such as acupuncture with remedial massage, naturopathy, clinical nutrition with Chinese herbal medicine, physiotherapy, chiropractic, clinical pilates, yoga, psychology, counselling, mediation, pain management and more.


Why Are We Different?

Therapy Works has a wonderful blend of diverse modalities and practitioners whose main interest is your wellbeing in mind, body and spirit. We all work together to create the best healing space for you to achieve this.

It’s easy to refer to another practitioner within the clinic when you need extra care. That’s because all our practitioners are highly qualified professionals.

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Natural Health Clinic Newport, Northern Beaches

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If you’re looking for a natural health clinic in Newport or on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, please get in touch with Therapy Works today.

Our team of health care practitioners are ready to DIAGNOSE YOUR COMPLAINT and PROVIDE YOUR TREATMENT TODAY.