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We offer a variety of different yoga classes here at TherapyWorks. You can find our clinic and yoga space at Suite 3b/367 Barrenjoey Rd Newport NSW 2106.

Have a look at the classes we currently have on offer here:

Yoga Therapy – What is it?

When we think of the term yoga, an assortment of physical postures usually comes to mind. However, for those who are familiar with yoga, the practice is actually much more than just physical health care. In fact, yoga can have mindful and therapeutic effects and is widely known to be a lifestyle choice.

Yoga Therapy promotes a balanced lifestyle of health and well-being. In consultation between yoga therapist and client, postures and breathing are taught to help relieve acute or chronic symptoms or imbalances. Many tools of yoga may be taught and practised – including postures, meditation, breath techniques and lifestyle modification.

Yoga therapy is individualised, science informed yoga, taught by a therapist with hundreds of hours of specialised training. Read more about the difference here.

What are the benefits?

Yoga therapy may be beneficial for both the body and the mind. In particular yoga therapy may help with emotional release as well as treat musculoskeletal issues.

Physically, it can improve muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, postural alignment, body awareness, circulation, digestion, hormonal balance, respiration, immune function, strengthen bones and regulate body weight.

Mentally, it can improve your alertness, concentration, sleep patterns; reduce stress and anxiety and enhance your ability to relax.

Other benefits may include:

  • enhancing body flexibility and muscular strength
  • improving respiratory and airway functions
  • relieving stress
  • improving sleep quality
  • helping with depression and anxiety, and
  • treating chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Yoga Therapy and Physiotherapy Together

Physiotherapists have years of extensive training, knowledge, and clinical expertise in assessing and treating a variety of injuries, diseases and imbalances. As both a qualified and experienced Physio & Yoga therapist, Liz Bennett uses yoga to guide her treatment approach, which results in a more holistic approach to healing. The focus is placed more on an active approach, working together to create the conditions for healing.


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