therapy works gift voucher4Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available for all Therapy Works Products and Services and are a great gift idea for someone you care about.

Massages and Naturopathy/Herbal consultations are the most commonly requested gift-voucher, as the gift of psychotherapy or counselling, though well intended, might not be well received. However, the gift of success coaching to someone in business or with cherished dreams may be seen as an act of caring encouragement and belief in that person’s potential.

Please note:
It is the policy of Therapy Works not to refund unredeemed gift vouchers. All gift vouchers need to be used within a three month period of the original purchase date. Therapy Works under no circumstance will refund the gift voucher recipient the cost of the gift voucher. If the purchaser of a gift voucher requests a refund before the voucher is redeemed then Therapy Works will consider the matter on a case by case basis.