Clinical Services

Therapy Works offers you a range of DNA testing and profiling services. We can now address many of your health needs according to your unique genetic profile.

Detoxification Profile

Better understand your ability to detoxify and eliminate certain compounds. May be useful for a range of symptoms or situations: food intolerances, digestive problems, heavy metal exposure, headaches and more.

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Nutrigenomic Profile

Get a better understanding of how certain foods can affect gene expression. May address fatigue, low energy or recurrent infection symptoms.

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Hormone and Fertility Profile

Genetics can play a role in up to 10% of couples who experience infertility  or recurrent miscarriages. A better understanding of genetic influences may support hormonal health and more.

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Mood and Cognition Profile

Understanding how your genes may influence neurotransmitter production and metabolism can help identify key contributing factors for depression, anxiety and other disorders.

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Microbiome Testing

Get the whole picture of your gut microbiome with the most comprehensive microbiome test available.

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Methylation Profile

The methylation cycle is involved in a plethora of important functions in the body from healthy gene expression and immune cell function, to energy production and weight management.

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