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Page Author: Dr. Paul Rockliff (TCM) | CMBA | AHPRA | AACMA

cosmetic acupuncture Sydney
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Cosmetic acupuncture Sydney

Welcome to Therapy Works. You can find our cosmetic acupuncture service at Suite 3b/367 Barrenjoey Rd Newport NSW 2106. Cosmetic acupuncture is a natural skin treatment which aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also resolving health issues under the skin. It is a non-toxic alternative to today’s popular skin cosmetic treatments and focuses on improving your skin’s health.

When performing cosmetic acupuncture, our experienced acupuncturists will insert fine, steel and sterile needles into the surface layers of your skin to target specific points in your head, face and neck. These needles may stimulate circulation of qi (energy) and blood flow and subsequently improve your skin’s condition.

Cosmetic acupuncture Price

  • Initial Cosmetic Acupuncture Assessment: $200
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture: $150

Cosmetic acupuncture may help with the following:

Reduce wrinkles and fine line

Lift loose skin

Treat facial blemishes

Revitalise the skin

Improve skin texture

Jaw pain

What Experience do You Have?

With over 30+ years experience and having helped more than 50,000 patients, our clinic’s demonstrated experience and dedication to achieving quality results is well known across Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We’re looking forward to providing acupuncture services to you.

Can I Use My Health Fund?

Instant health fund claims available onsite through HICAPS. Pay the gap with Visa, Mastercard or Cash.

Are Acupuncturists Qualified?

Yes. Our practitioners are all highly qualified, fully trained and government accredited acupuncturists. Acupuncturists must continuously hold registration with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia and must hold a current First Aid Certificate (HLTAID003)1.


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What is cosmetic acupuncture?

Cosmetic acupuncture involves the insertion of fine, sterile needles into the skin to stimulate blood circulation and increase collagen production. Collagen is a type of protein in the body which maintains your skin structure – however, decreases in production rate as you age.

Usually performed on the face, cosmetic acupuncture may produce a variety of desirable effects in the skin, such as tight and firm texture, wrinkle prevention, as well as improved skin quality. Cosmetic acupuncture makes use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is performed by qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioners with a focus in acupuncture.

What may cosmetic acupuncture treat?

It may treat ageing skin concerns such as the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, loose skin and rough textures. It may also treat general skin problems such as facial blemishes and pimples.

Patients may need to undergo up to ten sessions to see lasting effects on their skin.

How long do treatments last?

After a course of ten (or however deemed necessary) treatments, the effects may last between three to five years. Although some patients may require a revisit in between, most patients will experience long term skin quality improvement.

Cosmetic acupuncture versus other treatments

Although considered an alternative to modern anti-aging skin treatments, cosmetic acupuncture can be better considered a completely different form of skin revitalisation. Rather than keeping your skin smooth through muscular artificial paralysis (like Botox), cosmetic acupuncture focuses on treating micro-traumas in your skin, to stimulate blood flow and natural collagen production. In this way, cosmetic acupuncture is much more gentle on your skin, and also avoids the risks of inserted toxins within the body.

Cosmetic acupuncture generally has a fast recovery time compared to other popular skin treatment alternatives. Due to the use of thin steel needles, patients will rarely experience bruising or bleeding, and the procedure is relatively painless.

Cosmetic acupuncture Sydney

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