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Yoga Classes Newport, Northern Beaches

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Jude Knott


Jude started yoga 20 or more years ago, for improved flexibility and relaxation to counterbalance a long term passion for distance running; however running related injuries – along with a very stressful work environment – led her towards a more committed yoga practice.

Accepting that she may never be super flexible nor entirely injury free – and that more importantly, neither needed to be a deterrent to practising Yoga, she became more receptive to the wider benefits that yoga and meditation had to offer.

An asymptomatic cancer diagnosis reinforced her interest in the therapeutic use of yoga, pranayama (breath control) and meditation (supported by acupuncture & TCM and energy healing through reiki and qigong) –  in healing and supporting those living with chronic illness, directing her towards an interest and practice of the Vini-Yoga style of Therapeutic Yoga.

Jude remains passionate about teaching yoga in an inclusive way, prioritising the breath, slowing it down, adapting postures (as far as possible) to suit the individual – with benefits available for everyone regardless of age, injury or other perceived limitations.  She teaches Hatha Yoga (generally influenced by the principles of Ayurveda – the seasons, weather, environment and our innate constitutions) with a focus on balancing energy through both ‘moving’ and ‘held’ yoga postures, pranayama, mudras and mediation practices. Her own Yoga practice and teachings have been influenced by her long term teachers Fabio Fabbri, Christina Pateras and Gwynne Jones as well as through inspiring workshops with Gary Krafstow, Nikki Myers, Mark Whitwell, Donna Fahri, Nikola Ellis and Melissa Turnock.

Qualifications and Services

  • Yoga Australia Accredited Level 1 (350 Hr) Hatha Yoga Teacher 2013

Further Education & Workshops:

  • 2013 – Afternoon Yoga Rope Workshop with Jo Longhurst
  • 2013 – 2016: Individual Yoga Mentoring with Senior Teacher Fabio Fabbri and weekly attendance at “Freedom” Self-Practice Yoga
  • 2016; ‘Yoga for Cancer’ Training with Adore Yoga
  • October 2014 – ‘Sacro-Illiac Joint Workshop’ with International Teacher Donna Farhi in Sydney
  • May – June 2016: 6 Week ‘Meditation Facilitator’ Course with Adore Yoga (Nikola Ellis)
  • September 2016: Bhakti Festival Sessions with Mark Whitwell; Shiva Rae; Krishna Das; Saul David Raye, Carmella Bayeini and others
  • December 2016; One day workshop with Mark Whitwell on The Promise/The Teachings of Desikachar.
  • December 2017: 4 day ‘Yoga Therapy for Pain Management Intensive’ with Gary Kraftsow in Portland Oregon
  • March 2018: 4 day ‘Yoga of 12 Step Recovery’ (Y12SR) Leader Certification with Nikki Myers in Sydney
  • December 2018: ‘Gentle is the New Advanced’ Workshop with J Brown, Qi Yoga Sydney

Yoga Classes Newport, Northern Beaches

My classes at Therapy Works are aimed at introducing and providing a yoga session for those people who don’t feel comfortable to go to larger classes, (where there may be a perception of needing to be fit, strong and flexible). Anyone can do my style of yoga which is breath centred and mindful.

Monday 6.30 – 7.45pm Complete or Repeat Beginners

Gentle Hatha Style Yoga taught at a slow pace and avoiding repetitive salutations, with an emphasis on breath, incorporating meditation techniques and a long deeply restorative relaxation at the end.

Suitable for beginners, those returning to Yoga after a break or anyone wanting a slower style due to injury or other limitation. Use of props and modifications is encouraged! All ages welcome.

Find Out More About Jude

I started Yoga to help maintain flexibility as a distance runner. Between the ages of 18 until my late 40’s I ran most days and developed very tight hamstrings and rounded shoulders – plus a dodgy knee.

I never intended to become a Yoga teacher – just loved the practice and wanted to understand more about its origins.

And here I am. SO grateful I have had these tools to help with my more recent health challenges.

I have always been fascinated by nutrition and have eaten largely unprocessed foods. I have followed diets in vegetarianism (for 25 years) plus dabbled in raw food, veganism, macro wholefood and juicing. .

Ironically since getting cancer I have been eating Keto – probably my least likely personal choice – inspired by Natalie. I am starting to understand a lot more about cell behaviour through epigenetics and appreciate the dangers of diets being recommended across the board, without reference to our specific conditions. Ironically the years of a plant only based diet may have contributed to my immune system being unable to deal with cancer.

Local Hatha Yoga

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