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Seventy per cent of back pain is muscular in origin; our muscles support our skeleton, when the musculature is “strained, sprained or inflamed” our skeleton and joints are compromised in their movements. The other 30% of pain is due to intervertebral, joint, nerve, inflammatory (such as a a Bursa) ligament/tendon trauma. Pain can also have a Psycho-physiological cause which simply means that mental and or emotional stress can cause pain as well.

Your Assessment

To relieve the pain we assess your condition and determine the cause of your problem. If necessary, we may refer you on for scans to support and confirm our diagnosis. Our objective is to release muscular spasms, treat trigger points, mobilise joints, relieve inflammation at the level of the joint, muscle and nervous system, get the blood moving and relieve overall tension, reducing pain and increasing mobility.

Your Treatment

We use various therapeutic massage techniques, chiropractic, physiotherapy, corrective exercises, acupuncture and cellular nutritional providing cellular resuscitation for the nervous system, soft tissue and joints.

Our experience in managing muscular skeletal pain spans over 30 years. Our belief is that as long as the diagnosis is clear then the most important part of creating relief is the amount of time we spend with you.

Our approach will resolve 80% of problems within 4 to 6 sessions but we aim for less. We appreciate that treatment needs to be cost effective, convenient and time efficient.

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