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Chiropractic Activator Technique

Activator gun ChiropractorFind out more about the chiropractic activator technique on this page. If you’re looking for an activator chiropractor, we can help.

This chiropractic technique uses the activator adjusting instrument, which is an alternative to, or used in addition to, traditional ‘hands-on’ chiropractic adjustments. The use of the activator chiropractic technique is one of the most common techniques used, although not all chiropractic clinics use it.

This instrument allows chiropractors to provide a quick, low-force impulse at specific points along your spine.

The main function of the activator gun is to restore motion to the targeted area. The high speed nature of the treatment helps to relax muscles (and stop muscles from tightening up, which they commonly do as a response to other forms for manual therapy). The lack of muscle resistance is a part of why this technique is generally effective.

This instrument can also be used for other purposes such as reduction of joint swelling or muscle spasms by delivering rapid impact

How we help

Here at TherapyWorks, we have a special interest in the activator technique and utilise this tool to help provide our patients with better health outcomes.

Depending on your case, this technique, and others, may be used in combination, to provide effective relief from pain while addressing the underlying cause of your complaint.

Other chiropractic techniques we use include: drop piece adjustment, kinesiology, gonstead chiropractic, soft tissue massage.

Why Choose us?

Dr. Wayne Gard (Chiropractor) has been in practice for multiple decades. Choose Dr. Gard because he is caring, professional and takes the time to listen.

If you’re local to Sydney/Northern Beaches, then Dr. Wayne Gard may be the best activator chiropractor for you.

Other chiropractic techniques we use include: 

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You get MORE with Therapy Works:

  • You’ll receive treatment on your first session.
  • You get massage therapy as part of every consultation.
  • You may receive dry needling treatment.
  • You’ll enjoy our longer, extended appointment lengths on every consultation.

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