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Are You a Practising or Recovering Perfectionist?

Are you often weighed down by the threat of not being good enough? Does the fear of failure (and things not being perfect) prevent you from sometimes  even trying (hence resulting in procrastination)? Do you set high expectations of yourself and when things don’t go “perfectly” or to plan,  you become a harsh inner critic? […]

Our Stress Response – How Kinesiology can help.

Often people ask me what does Kinesiology do? Despite each session and experience varying subject to the practitioner you see, the bottom line and aim is the same: the key purpose is to balance the nervous system by down regulating the stress response. What is the stress response, you ask? It is a complex signalling […]

Kinesiology 101

These past few months has created an unexpected stillness whereby ‘lock down’ has forced us to stop, and slow down. It has been welcomed by some as an opportunity for inner connection and reflection, yet for others it has triggered anxiety and existential fears around loss of control, challenges to identity, isolation and fear of […]