Are You a Practising or Recovering Perfectionist?

Are you often weighed down by the threat of not being good enough?

Does the fear of failure (and things not being perfect) prevent you from sometimes  even trying (hence resulting in procrastination)?

Do you set high expectations of yourself and when things don’t go “perfectly” or to plan,  you become a harsh inner critic?

Do you suffer from fear of unfulfilled potential?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And it’s not surprising, considering the achievement driven culture that we live in. The constant need to perform, achieve and improve  can create tremendous stress for anyone, let alone for a perfectionist.

The thing with perfectionism is that it can fuel anxiety, keeping us stuck in our heads  worrying about making the right decision to avoid perceived “failure.” This  prolonged deliberation can be exhausting leading to “analysis paralysis” whereby we  try to predict and control the outcome. The irony lies in that in this desire to strive  and perform to seek perfection, we can often get so stuck leading to procrastination  due to the fear of the result not being good enough. And thus as a result of  overwhelm leading to inaction, we then have a self-fulfilling prophecy around  inadequacy. Keeping us in this limited state of being.

Sound familiar? (…..yep!)

Have you ever wondered what the driving force is behind your behaviour?  What are the emotional motivators that keep you stuck under the illusionary spell of  perfectionism?

Because that is what it is: an illusion. Perfectionism is unrealistic & unattainable, a  coping mechanism that develops seeking and avoiding behaviours and can keep us  in a perpetuating cycle of loss, shame, judgement, and inadequacy.

There are many driving forces behind perfectionism (but not limited to):

  • Not feeling good enough
  • Fear of Failure (making mistakes which can actually create procrastination ,  indecision and inaction)
  • Fear of rejection (need for acceptance)
  • The need to meet people’s expectations (not letting others down)
  • Seeking approval through performance/success / achievement.

Because thought alone can activate the stress response aka. Fight or flight, it is  imperative to bring conscious awareness to negative subconscious thoughts and threat  perceptions which mainly develop during our childhood years and shift our  perceptions and associations.

Kinesiology can support you to identify and dissolve beliefs behind your perfectionist  behaviour and help reduce that harsh inner critic by moving you towards greater  inner connection and acceptance of the inherent value that you have within.

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