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What are Acupoints?

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupoints are strategically selected areas for acupuncture treatment and serve as the focal point for understanding acupuncture’s mechanism. Stimulating these diverse acupoints across the body surface yields various therapeutic advantages. Let’s find out more about acupoints in this short article. Please read on. What are acupoints? Acupoints are specific locations […]

What is Complementary Medicine Used For?

Welcome to TherapyWorks. We are a functional medicine clinic offering you a solid blend of evidenced based clinical therapies that collaborate effectively to provide you with the best outcomes possible. In this blog, we describe some of the most common complementary therapies and describe what they can be used for. We will also let you […]

Auriculotherapy Ear Acupuncture

Consider trying Auriculotherapy – it’s ear acupuncture Welcome to TherapyWorks. We are a functional medicine clinic offering you a solid blend of evidenced-based clinical therapies that collaborate effectively to provide you with the best outcomes possible. You can find out clinic at Suite 3b/367 Barrenjoey Rd Newport NSW 2106 (get directions in Google Maps). We […]

8 Signs of an Unhealthy Gut and How to Treat Them

Common Signs of an Unhealthy Gut And how to improve gut health naturally The health of your gut and digestive system influences your overall level of health and vitality. Poor gut health is linked to a wide range of health problems ranging from skin issues to hormonal imbalances, diabetes to anxiety, and more. A growing […]

Integrative Considerations during the COVID-19 pandemic

Integrative Considerations during the COVID-19 pandemic March 20, 2020 There is a high level of interest in integrative strategies to augment public health measures to prevent COVID-19 infection and associated pneumonia. Unfortunately, no integrative measures have been validated in human trials. Notwithstanding, this is an opportune time to be proactive. Using available in-vitro evidence, an […]

How Many Chinese Medicine Practitioners in Australia?

How Many TCM Practitioners in Australia? Health infographic Have a look at this infographic on the number of TCM practitioners registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. Infographic Facts Here is the answer to ‘how many Chinese Medicine Practitioners are in Australia’: 4,912 general, non-practicing and limited practitioners 4,611 in practice Breakdown by Gender […]

What is Homoeopathy?

Julia Conroy explains….. Homeopathy is a system of medicine which involves treating the individual. The aim is to trigger the body’s intrinsic system of healing. Based on unique symptoms, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to each person. Homeopathy is recognised by the ‘World Health Organisation’ (WHO) as the second largest therapeutic system […]

‘Breast Cancer, Reiki & Meditation – my experience’

Jane describes how Reiki and Meditation impact her life and supported her through cancer treatment… A Reiki treatment is different for everyone, and each time you have a treatment the experience is different, so it’s a difficult thing to describe. I came to Reiki after I’d developed a meditation practice, but you don’t need any […]

Types And Causes of Depression

While it’s true we don’t know exactly what causes depression, a number of factors are often linked to its development and there are some treatments (as opposed to outright single ‘cures’) which can be effective when used in combination. There are also a number of different categories and intensities of ‘ depression’ itself, including Major Depressive Disorder (Clinical Depression, Unipolar […]

Late Summer TCM perspectives

WHAT TO EXPECT FOR YOUR HEALTH We are in the midst of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s (TCM) observed ‘fifth’ season, that of ‘Late Summer’ the period between the Summer Solstice (the longest day of the year) and the Autumn Equinox – which is considered astrologically to be the actual start of Autumn rather than the 1st […]

Trigger Point Therapy Sydney

Exploring the benefits of trigger point therapy for pain relief Have you ever had that feeling during a massage, when the therapist pushes into a small, but painful area of muscle, and your body sings out “YES! That’s the spot!”? It’s likely the therapist found a trigger point, a small nodule or knot of contracted […]

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

What’s traditional Chinese medicine all about? It’s a time-honoured system originating in ancient China, encompassing internal health practices and treatments. Today, this holistic approach to healing is practised globally. TCM theory dates back over 2000 years, focusing on energy pathways known as meridians. The core principle revolves around unblocking energy pathways (meridians) to promote the […]


Cupping is an ancient technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is practised regularly in hospitals throughout China and by complementary health professionals around the world. Cupping therapy works at two levels: Cupping works on your soft tissue to stimulate blood circulation, release toxins and relax the nervous system. Applied at points along the meridians, […]

Deep Tissue Massage

If you have had chronic tension, repetitive strain or injury, and are experiencing ongoing pain, your muscles and connecting tissue may have formed bands of rigid tissue, called adhesions or fibrositis. These inflamed areas of tissue cause pain and restricted movement. They obstruct the flow of blood and oxygen, leaving a build-up of toxins deep […]

Example of a 1 Day Dietary Plan for Liver Qi Stagnation

NB* All foods and recipes provided are in keeping with the idea of decongesting stuck Qi, supplementing the blood and cooling any potential heat. Cooking methods and preparation methods are also in accordance with these principles. Upon Rising Warm water with lemon juice. Fluids Water needs to be at room temperature and consumed consistently throughout the day, attempting […]